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Our Mission

Grassroots Development builds innovative infrastructure and connected communities through use of renewable resources and conscious collaboration- with the intention to elevate sustainability in human health, environmental resilience, and local & regional economies.

About Us

At GRD our vision is to create accessible housing that offers benefits to the user while also reducing negative environmental impacts. It is our belief that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserves a healthy, non-toxic home in a nature-driven community. By incorporating passive design elements & hemp building materials, and by fostering connections with leaders in the natural building industry we are able to create dwellings that improve air quality, reduce mold & flammability, and sequester carbon, helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the construction industry. We are also working to expand the industrial hemp industry in the Midwest region, creating research projects to gain critical data, and a processing facility to support local farmers in the production of hemp grain & fiber for building materials, bioplastics, and more.
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