La Maison Terre - “The Earth House”

Where Timeless Meets Innovative

Partnering with Homeland Hempcrete of Bismarck, ND and Meyer Group Architecture of Duluth, MN, Grassroots Development is building a 1500+ sq ft hempcrete house in our Prairie Parkway (link) Development in  South Moorhead, MN, with a passive solar design for heating and cooling, eco-conscious interior design, and a pollinator-friendly landscape design. The goal of this project is to create an embodied carbon neutral dwelling that incorporates sustainable building materials and renewable energy sources. 

The use of hempcrete as a building material provides numerous benefits, including its sustainability, energy efficiency, and air quality benefits. The passive solar design will significantly reduce the need for heating and cooling, while the pollinator-friendly landscape design will promote biodiversity and support local wildlife. Additionally, the project includes the installation of an electric car charging station and rooftop solar panels by Holsen Homes, further reducing the project's carbon footprint.

We believe this project will make a positive impact on the local construction industry and environment, and we are excited to bring this innovative and sustainable housing solution to South Moorhead.

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