Front Street Taproom

Front Street Taproom, located at 614 Main Ave, opened its doors in October of 2016, with the purpose of creating a fun and comfortable space to hang out and enjoy a wide selection of local craft beer, and other beverages. Front Street is a fairly unique business concept, as it is a sort of hybrid between a bar and a brewery. There is a wide selection of craft beer (30 tap lines with everything being brewed in Minnesota and North Dakota), a host of events including Live Music, Open Mics, Trivia, and Vinyl Night, along with a cool laid back vibe.

From the very beginning, the main drive behind Front Street was to help to create a space that can enhance the community and the people in it. The pub has functioned as that gathering space for people for millennia. The space to have conversations with your friends, neighbors, or random strangers. Our strategy for accomplishing this goal is by creating a clean and comfortable space conducive to conversations, which includes good music at the right volume, furniture that can easily be moved around to accommodate groups of any size, and perhaps most important, not a single TV. We also have the previously mentioned recurring events, special events, and spaces available for private party rentals.

In March of 2018, the decision was made to expand into the basement space, and create a Comedy Club, which we call “The Cellar”. In addition to hosting a weekly open mic, we also put on biweekly professional shows featuring comedians from all around the country. Not only has the Cellar provided a much-needed home for local comedians, as well as giving them a place and opportunity to improve their craft, it has also given them a path forward in the business. The Cellar has become a well-respected Comedy Club in the region, and when a local comedian is invited to host, or feature, or headline in the Cellar, it can open new doors for them and their career. When it comes to our goal of helping to create communities, we are extremely proud of the magic that is taking place in The Cellar.

We are so grateful that fate brought us knocking on the doors of Grassroots Development and the space at 614 Main Ave. At our first meeting, Justin told us that his vision for the space was to create a community gathering space, which is exactly what we had in mind. After nearly 6 years, we believe that Front Street has become a staple and enriching force in the Downtown Fargo community. We are so happy to be here doing what we’re doing, and we can’t thank Justin and his team enough for helping us to make it possible.

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